Post operative instructions after SinusLift 0

The sinus lift procedure is a very delicate procedure that involves the Maxillary Sinuses.  You can refer to the Sinus Lift brochure for procedure details. To avoid complications it is important for you to follow the instructions below as accurately as possible: 1)      Bleeding Control. Our office will place the gauze for you in the …
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Taking Care Of Your Dental Implants

January 16th, 2012 | Posted by drborispulec in For Patients | Implant Dentistry - (Comments Off)
Taking Care Dental Implants_2_full

Congratulations on your completion of dental implant treatment. These instructions are for patients that have dental implants placed and restored that are non-removable single or multiple tooth replacement. Eat any foods but with caution  Dental implants are very strong and you can eat everyday foods as long as you do not do anything extreme such …
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I have been a dentist for over 26 years and my present practice has over 10,000 patients. Recently I have decided to change the instructions I give to my patients that have fixed prosthetics supported by dental implants. This includes NO Flossing. This decision originated through empirical observations and biological facts. Dental implants are not …
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As more and more patients are opting for dental implant treatment, it is essential that both the general dentist and hygienist understand how to properly monitor and maintain the health of the peri-implant tissue. Natural teeth and dental implants differ not only in surrounding anatomy, but also in surrounding disease; the traits of which require …
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Patient Education Software Consult-PRO

We have high speed drills, lasers, we can place dental implants, grow bone as well as provide patients with amazing cosmetic dentistry, but most dentists are still using sign language to educate their patients on complex treatments. Patients are becoming much more interested in the treatment that we the dentists are performing. They want to …
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